Thursday, February 16, 2012

The Upcoming Season

We just go back from the Bahamas and I've had a chance to think about the upcoming mountain biking season. Which direction do I want to go for this upcoming mountain bike season? Last year I had a tremendous amount of success in the Wisconsin Off Road Series which consists primarily of XC races while participating in only 2 DH and 1 one Super D race. So successful in fact that I am a mandatory move from the sport class to the comp class. I worked hard and had a great time, but I've been wondering if I want to pour all that energy (and then some) into XC racing again this season.
I've always defined myself as a rider who races and not a racers. And I'm a rider who all kinds of variety that mountain biking has to offer. So with that in mind and the recent surge in regional downhill races, I've been thinking about making the gravity events priority over the XC races (with a few exceptions, of course). I'm also considering traveling out of my region for a couple gravity events. Going down to Snowshoe in West Virgina to hit up a race there fellow flight crew member Dan Lucas and Airborne Bicycles Customer Service Czar Eric McKenna is an option.

I'd really like to do well and continue to progress as a XC racer, but I know I can't have everything. Since I'm never going to be a pro mountain bike racer, does it really matter if I don't do as well this year and just have fun enjoying the sport in it's many different forms?

What say you and what are your plans and goals for this upcoming season?

While we are waiting for warm weather riding check out this video and look for a new video review of the Bikeray USA Bikeray III light.


  1. Deciding on cat2 or cat3 here!

  2. Follow where the flow takes ya, and have fun like you said.
    Mountain biking is a passion, and racing (as long as it's not paying the bills) is supposed to intensify our love of the sport. I love your outlook for the 2012 season, I look forward to following your results :)

  3. I'm big on following my joy. That often means taking sidetrips that may not fit into "the plan". Go for what you love; who knows, you may end up a better mountain biker for it. Either way, you won't end up resenting your mountain bike schedule for keeping you from what you really want to do.

  4. Replies
    1. That coming from the girl who is currently resenting 50k training for keeping her off her bike...