Monday, May 2, 2011

New biking experiences: Embrace the Bibshorts

There was so many great things about being at the Sea Otter Classic this year. From meeting all the cool people like Nick from Demon Dirt (of Save Nick's Eyes fame, good to see him riding again), Mondo from Black Market and Art Aguilar from just to name a few; to being surrounded by all things biking. Despite being an experienced mountain biker, one of the really cool things was all the firsts that I experienced at this years event.

Embracing the bibshorts: For those of you that know me, you know that I fashion myself a mountain biker first and foremost. I've never worn spandex on the trail before and prior to Sea Otter would have never considered otherwise. However, thanks to an awesome kit from Airborne and some good natured peer pressure from another Flight Crew member (I won't mention any names but his initials are KEVIN BONNEY) I found myself lining up for the Cat 2 XC race in bibshorts. Boy did that feel awkward at first. However, as the miles went by I found I didn't really notice them. Which I have to say was a good thing. I mean the last thing you want to be thinking about during the sufferfest which is White Road is your shorts. I may even try it again. Don't judge me.

I know 29ers are all the rage right now. Aside from taking a friend's 29er for a short spin I can't say that I've had enough experience in the saddle of a 29er to see what the buzz is all about. I'm still not 100% comfortable on it and since it was essentially my first trail ride of the year (on unfamiliar trails nonetheless), I'm having a hard time formulating an opinion. It feels fast, got me to the top of all the climbs and a non last place finish (which was against a field comprised completely of California guys, besides myself). So there's that.

I have been riding my home trails on my 26" wheeled bikes since getting back and the new Goblin (the hardtail 29er offering from Airborne) has just arrived. Now I have a baseline and a few trail rides under my belt so I will be able to better judge the bike. Not only will the Goblin, , see trail riding on my local trails, it will also see more race action. Will I drink the Kool Aide? Stay tuned.

A real downhill course. Prior to Sea Otter my longest DH ride I had ever experienced was 58 seconds. Riding a course with 3 minutes of continuous downhill riding was mind blowing. It just kept going and going and going. It was all too awesome and I want more.

Those were my cool new experiences this year at Sea Otter.

Meanwhile, back home I just entered and won a video contest with my local race series (WORS). The prize is a Fox fork, Kurt Kinetic trainer package, Ryder sunglasses and a healthy energy package from Honeystinger. I may have more exciting news soon on this front. I'll keep you guys up to date. That's it for now.

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  1. Saw your Vid on the Fox Racing FB page...Good job mang!